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Telecommunications, Safety & EMC Services

Telecommunications Terminal Equipment is required to meet specific Telecom, Electromagnetic (EMC) and Product Safety Regulatory requirements prior to market entry. Modifying your existing Telecommunications product to country specific regulatory requirements does not have to be an unmanageable drain on your staff's resources, or delay your market entry.

 Your Strategic Partner

Our Clients' products are currently marketed in 100 countries. We specialize in field proven Designs for Voice, Data, Facsimile and PABX equipment that connects to Analog & Digital Telecommunications Networks. We provide designs for Loop Start, Ground Start, 2 & 4 Wire E&M, and On-Premises-Extension ports, as well as digital leased line and ISDN connections.

  Key Issues

  • How do you penetrate multiple markets quickly and efficiently?
  • What is the shortest time to market that you can achieve?
  • Does your product conform to the local regulatory standards?
  • What are the generic regulatory requirements for your product?
  • What are the unique requirements for each target country?
  • Can your staff implement the required design modifications?
  • Can a single design meet multiple country requirements?
  • Does your product qualify for application of the CE marking?
  • Which network interfaces are supported in each country?
  • Will customers demand features that are or are not regulated?

  What can Patton & Associates' Product Design Services do for you?

  • Assess how your product will be classified in each target country.
  • Identify the specific requirements that your product must meet.
  • Identify countries that have similar regulatory requirements.
  • Provide your staff with copies of current regulatory requirements.
  • Assess your product's Telecommunications Safety conformance.
  • Answer your staff's questions regarding regulatory requirements.
  • Formulate a plan for creation of multiple country designs.
  • Define Systems Partitioning that supports Global market entry.
  • Provide complete field proven Hardware Interface Designs.
  • Provide unique country specific Runtime Firmware requirements.
  • Review engineering design modifications to ensure compliance.
  • Assist your staff in setting up an Engineering Test Laboratory.
  • Perform critical parameter pre-testing in our laboratory.
  • Supply your staff with unique test apparatus and fixtures.


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